Dental Benefits


The goal of Sigma Dental is to provide our customers dental care in all specialties at a lower cost, through a team of professionals that guarantee excellence in quality and service.

Sigma Dental offers the following advantages, unique in the dental sector coverage:

  • High quality dental care, free waiting periods, exclusions for pre-existence, or extra cost in coverage.
  • Unlimited quantity in all treatments established in the policy.imagen223425
  • Attention of the most extensive Dental network in the international territory.
  • Telephone consultation 24 hours a day.
  • Service of appointments and consultations through our toll-free worldwide…
  • Emergency care and / or dental emergencies 24 hours.
  • 100% refund for emergencies and urgencies (only in areas where we do not have dental centers Network).
  • 100% coverage in International emergencies (Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Panama).
  • Unlimited consultations according to the treatment plan and the patient’s needs, including the selection of the dentist who will assist you. There is no limit appointments or time interval between them.