Ophthalmology Regulations

For maximum performance using our ophthalmological services, we appreciate your consideration in the following service standards:imagen2

  • In case of emergency you can contact us and one of our operators will refer you to one of our professionals.
  • If your emergency occurs at night, during the weekend or on a holiday, you can contact us and you will be guided to one of our centers.
  • Come on time for appointments presenting your identity card. Not being able to go to these, you must notify at least 4 hours in advance.
  • Should you require treatments not covered in our service, our ophthalmologists will inform you the preferential rates.
  • The services provided by the centers and / or ophthalmologists who don´t belong to our network of doctors will not be entitled to refunds of any kind, in case you need care in a city where our doctors are not present, you must request prior authorization cash back.

Any concerns, question, complaint or claim you may have regarding our services, you can write to us.